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Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) is a 37 year old, self-trained social media and wine expert. According to Grant Cardone, You don't need buddies, you need winners.” If you want to surround yourself with successful people, start with Cardone and his business blog : as a NYT bestselling author, owner of 4 businesses that do almost $100 million in sales annually, and a regular commentator on CSNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, and more, Cardone's success will surely motivate you.

I think it's the best piece of advice I can give to 20 and 30-year-olds that feel they should be talking to the world and bringing value,” says Gary Vee. I will be posting 3 Videos per week to the channel, to keep things fresh and ongoing. Great stuff and I think being true to who you are- not growing a massive business is a great thing to figure out.

Gary Vee has been dubbed The King Of Social Media” and runs highly successful YouTube Channel , Facebook & Instagram Sites as well as his own company VaynerMedia - which helps Fortune 500 companies like GE, PepsiCo, and Mt Dew execute” and achieve massive success through successful branding, social media and other storytelling techniques read more developed by Vaynerchuck.

Vaynerchuk believes VaynerMedia's success has also helped change the minds of some of his critics. You'll find some roadblocks on your way to the top, but you can always return to these videos for motivation. #AskGaryVee is the best place to get answers to your everyday marketing, entrepreneurship and social media-related questions.

It took a little bit for Gary to grow on me, but a video that he did essentially about never being too old for anything. Gary has been an entrepreneur all his life. Vaynerchuk explained the meaning behind his ‘You're gonna die' advice he shelled out to the women and wanted her to understand life's perspective.

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